Your Staff

Your Staff

Training your staff can save you money!

Nitelites offer bespoke training courses to match your equipment and staff skills, from absolute beginners to touring professionals who wish to focus on the development of a particular skill.

A basic understanding of the technology or simply learning the correct way to coil a cable can save your company money on replacing equipment, unnecessary hires or returning items for unnecessary repairs. Chances are, your staff are more than capable of taking on the task themselves.

The worst time to encounter technical problems is during your presentation or school show. With our tuition, your technician can make an educated guess as to where the fault lies and have the problem fixed in moments, saving the huge embarrassment that would result from the cancellation of a show – or even having to refund your customers!

Please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to take the time to discuss your needs.

Case Study: Making a difference

“The training day was tailored around our own requests and predominantly based upon the correct operation and deployment of the college’s five varying P.A. systems.

Starting with the initial equipment setup through to a complete operational overview of individual mixing desks, amplifiers and speakers, Andy Magee spent the day practically demonstrating how we could achieve the optimum performance from our equipment. Teaching us both the correct function and terminology, this session offered us an invaluable and much more formulated process for dealing with the college’s audio requirements, including clear explanations of exactly how the equipment physically functioned all helped us achieve a simply better understanding of how the equipment should be deployed.

Throughout the day these practical sessions were also supplemented by Andy’s professional assessments of our college’s dedicated presentational areas including the main assembly hall, lecture theatre and recording studio. Describing exactly how, why and where we could improve not just the audio but lighting and media aspects of all these presentational environments.

All three technicians enjoyed the day immensely and we have been trying to put our newfound understanding to use in the everyday running of the college. Whilst we would be the first to admit that this single day did not turn us into instant audio experts, it has given us a much more informed foundation from which to build upon and genuinely start to hone our audio skills.

Andy was approachable, humorous, patient and extremely knowledgeable in his tuition and we are planning to arrange another training day in the near future to help us develop our skills. I would not hesitate to recommend Nitelites to any professional organisation looking to improve the audio presentational skills of its staff whatever their present ability.”

Stephen Richardson, Head of Audiovisual Services, Emmanuel College


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