We were retained by Playworks to install a comprehensive sound system in the new Panacea bar and restaurant in Alderley Edge, Cheshire.

Manchester-based Playworks Ltd have retained our services for the second time to install a full sound system in the Alderley Edge based Panacea Bar & Restaurant. We have had a good relationship with the company, with installs previously completed at Panacea, Manchester and the first incarnation of Panacea, Alderley Edge. Having worked with Playworks on previous installations, we were aware of the high standards needed to make the works a success. A quality sound system with a perfect finish was needed and we relished the challenges set out in the brief.

Panacea Installation

The Restaurant Area

The building is mainly split into two halves, with the first being the restaurant area. With the exquisite interior furnishings and finely detailed architectural features, it was important that the right speakers and right positions were selected. A fine line was drawn between ensuring the best sound was achieved and keeping the positions of the speakers, subtle and discreet.

The right combination of Martin and Adlib Audio speakers were used to create a well-balanced and versatile system. The punch and detail of Adlib’s AA61 full range loudspeaker coupled with the warmth and coverage of the Martin C115 enclosure ensured that all acoustic situations were dealt with. As a final touch, Adlib made use of in-house manufacturing facilities to customize the Adlib speaker range and ensure that the system added a further compliment to the already lush interior.

Getting the right balance and level between different zones can difficult to achieve, especially when dimensions and surfaces comes into play. However, our experience of installation work in the entertainment sector and their knowledge of the product market, works well in finding the right solution, for the right location and the right price.


Panacea Bar Area Installation


The Club Area

When day turns into night and the clientele changes, it’s important that the theme of creating a welcoming atmosphere continues. Panacea’s club area is a contemporary and striking room, packed with eye catching interiors and only the finest beverages. This can only be complete with a great sound system to bring the room to life.

To create an electric atmosphere, 35 speakers were installed including 24 AA61 loudspeakers and 11 AA15BP customized sub bass enclosures. The AA15 BP’s were installed into the seating area to a punchy and vibrant sound while the new crossover system in the AA61 loudspeakers offers additional mid range detail and power.

The combination of the two creates an instant impact, particularly in dance floor and bar situations.


System Control and Amplification

To cope with the full system, a soundweb BLU 160, coupled with a range of BLU remotes, were installed to provide flexibility and accessibility to in-house technicians and staff. The soundweb BLU160 is a flagship PA system processing unit, with unique network and programming capabilities. The processor, coupled with the user friendly BLU remotes offer staff a quick and easy option of selecting the right sound for the right location, creating the ideal ambience and a welcoming atmosphere.

To ensure flexbility of sound throughout the building, input points were installed at optimum locations to allow for live performance, DJ relocation and optional feeds. The additional points can ensure a venue is used to its full potential, as well as providing a way of reinventing layouts for special functions without affecting the function of existing entertainment facilities.

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