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Nitelites supports Mouth of the Tyne Festival



Nitelites supports Mouth of the Tyne Festival

Continuing its successes of recent years, Nitelites was selected as the contractor to provide sound and lighting production services to this ever growing family festival.

The historic Tynemouth Priory site provided many challenges for the 25-strong Nitelites team. Managing Director Jamie Moore said: “We’ve got many obstacles on this site. For example, a road around a moat that trucks can barely navigate, an ancient gate house which trucks won’t fit through, uneven surfaces, and very little production space. The stage is sited less than 30 feet from the edge of cliffs, and is susceptible to huge winds… the list goes on, but it hasn’t stopped us from delivering an excellent quality production.” 

Other technical challenges on site include trying to squeeze the production onto the stage. The stage is a 15-metre orbit stage supplied by Star Hire which is one of the only stages that will a) fit into the relatively small production area and b) stand up to the high wind speeds found on the Tyne headland. Lighting Director Shaun Moore comments: “It’s difficult to get the artists’ specified lighting system onto a D-shaped orbit stage. We have to fit twice as many trusses and rigging points into the small stage as we would on a larger one.”

Challenges for the audio department are mainly the wind, and avoiding noise pollution. Audio Director Andy Magee said, “The wind here obviously has a detrimental effect to the PA system. At the end of the day a sound system just moves air – here, the wind moves that air again in a different direction at 40+ mph… no amount of technology can do anything about that! Our other issue is keeping the noise pollution to a minimum. The stage and PA system point straight along Tynemouth Front Street, so we spend a lot of time trying to focus the energy within the priory walls while at the same time trying to minimise some nasty sound reflections from the rather large stone walls! As far as I’m aware we do a pretty good job on controlling the noise pollution – we only ever get 1 or 2 complaints from the die hard anti-fun brigade.”

Nitelites supports Mouth of the Tyne Festival








Jamie Moore sums up: “We’re proud to support the Mouth of the Tyne Festival. It attracts serious artists, and it’s on our home turf! It’s a great opportunity to demonstrate that a North-East based production company is capable of delivering world class events.”

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