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ACC Liverpool is an award-winning building located on the world-famous Liverpool waterfront. It sits alongside the Grade I listed Albert Dock complex and World Heritage Site on the eastern bank of the river Mersey, in the heart of Liverpool city centre.

When Liverpool ACCL opened its Arena doors for events in January 2008, we were contacted by Andrew Searle Barnes (ACCL’s production manager) with a view to introducing a new sound system to provide audio coverage for all of the Corporate VIP boxes each capable of seating 12 people. Each of the 22 VIP boxes were situated at opposing sides of the Arena and were elevated at high level in close proximity to the Arena ceiling.

Liverpool ACC Installation

System Design

Our brief was to supply a sound system capable of delivering maximum intelligibility for the spoken word comedy, sports and dramatic events that must also be capable of delivering the punch required at higher levels of output during live dance and rock band concerts.

The space presented a challenge in terms of its many hard, reflective surfaces. A series of site surveys were undertaken including detailed measurements of the audio frequency response in the roof void areas which allowed the team to finalise an optimum sound system design for the Arenas VIP areas. A Martin Audio Loudspeaker solution was selected as it offered the preferred sound quality response.

Roger Kirby (Installations Director at Adlib) decided the best course of action was to split the system into two identical symmetrical loudspeaker sets across the arena simplifying control processing during rapid pre show deployment whilst minimising operational complexity for staff.


Control and Amplification

A BSS London Architect system was chosen as a means of controlling the loudspeaker level, equalisation and time delay for each VIP box position. A custom control panel was designed in London architect software which technical staff can use to access all necessary parameters required to fully optimise each event. Wireless access points allow technicians to access system control from all VIP positions across the arena complex.


All outboard equipment was installed at a high level gantry position into a custom fan cooled sleeved cabinet, designed and built by Adlib manufacturing. During events the VIP sound audio feed is relayed to Genelec monitor loudspeakers at LX position allowing the technical team to listen to monitor signal integrity during sound-check and events. For safe future servicing of all high level equipment and ever conscious of the pristine décor of the arena, our installation team discreetly installed each loudspeaker at gantry walkway level with a low profile custom rigging set.


Discreet Installation

To distribute all signal loudspeaker and Category 5 control feeds, a custom LSOH cabling network was installed about the venue.

During sound-checks when audio response and delay times are set and vetted, an inventive configuration allows a single operator to take the loudspeakers system live and control all zones during each show from a single position; in case of access point failure alternative network access points have been introduced to deliver network redundancy.

Liverpool ACC Installation

Musical events

Since the arena’s opening in 2008, it has regularly played host to many of the world’s top musical acts. Many world famous artists including Eric Clapton, Michael Bublé, Rihanna, The Kaiser Chiefs, The Kings of Leon, Westlife, Elton John, Oasis, Beyoncé, Bob Dylan, Coldplay and Lady Gaga, The Script, Andrea Bocelli & Muse have performed at the Arena. Alongside concerts, the arena has also hosted a number of major international events.

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